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Sza - BABYLON feat. Kendrick Lamar
this track is my fave bc i love how Sza just gives this mysterious feel and it’s all haunting and beautiful and then Kendrick comes in with his verse and it’s perfection
Anonymous: I'm sorry but I'm just curious on how long have you been gay, love?😥 no disrespect... Lol I adore u😍❤️

Years now lol

itsjustmealone: When you rebloged from my page I was like 😱😫🙌😻 I was too hype lol

Haha awwwww no problem!! 😊

🙆 LOL.

al-fred-lw: ... lol your anons annoy me, so I can only imagine how you feel about them.

Right right but it’s cool lol I’m chillen.

Anonymous: He cheated....what an asshole.

Never said that. But who knows after you’ve been lied to thousands of times anywaysss…

I know you hate me now I bet you hate me now Bring on the thorn and crown crucify me -

Sza -Babylon.