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Anonymous: Are you really coming to Howard tho 😒😑?

Yes lmaooo!!!

Anonymous: can you tell me what the names of 3,4,5 songs please :)?

My playlist is on shuffle so I’m not too sure

Anonymous: Who is portuguese your mom or your dad ? Do you speak portuguese b/c I think that would be so cool.

My mom is both and I don’t lol

Anonymous: what your nationality, where did you born? <3

I’m Guyanese and Portuguese and I was born in Brooklyn,ny



My favorite season is here and I’m so excited 🍂🍂 

Photo by&#160;: juanveloz 

Instagram&#160;: OMGREEKGOD

I might fuck this up! 

Instagram: @omgreekgod

Thanks @juanveloz for this amazing shot!

Instagram: @omgreekgod ❤️
Anonymous: You are perfect

Aww thank you