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When you love someone, you give them everything, but then they turn out to be a dick, and everything gets chucked back in your face. Then you’re insecure, paranoid, and jealous, and you’re obsessed over that person. It’s one massive head game because you’re like, “Who am I now?” You feel like this shriveled-up Gollum-like creature. And then you hate yourself because you’re trying so hard and it’s just not working. That’s what my album’s about.

- FKA Twigs (via satanismysugardaddy)
Anonymous: That beard is working out quite well for you ! ;)

Thanks it’ll look much better once I go shape it tommorow and get my haircut 😌😁

Anonymous: ya legs are mad hairy

I know lol I’m a very hairy man

dreadtobeperfect: What is your sexual orientation?


honeygoesdwnslow: Love your blog!, very tasteful.xo

Thank you!!