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The Pressure - Jhené Aiko


greekgod is following me now so basically i win.

*brings back #kanyeshrug*

Anonymous: I need your help brandon!! I have a huge tans from being outside a lot and it isn't going away!! Do you have any advice?

Stay in keep cool and just rub A&D Ointment on it that’ll help forsure

lvmrsmn: Follow maybe?

Sure lol

Anonymous: So can I have Antoine now?

Idc can you guys stop writing me about him please and thank you I would highly appreciate that right now.

Anonymous: are you gay or bi?


Anonymous: If another person ask if u gay hit wm with the emoji 😒

Fact yo

Anonymous: I miss your cute friend on tumblr the lightskin with the dreads

LOL caleb add him on Fb : Caleb robinson hes not on tumblr like that.