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Anonymous: Most of the time ppl don't stay or grow into there looks but I've been following you for like 3 yrs now and you just continue to look better over the years 😘😘 love your blog too one of my favoritesss

Awww thank youu means a lot!!

peruchitalindax3: you are sooo handsomeee [:

Thankk youu

funiswhatwehaving: I'm pretty sure everyone probably wants to know. Can you please tell us your skin care regime? I've seen you said you used lush products. But I need details. Your skin is beautiful, it hurts my soul.

AWW LOL oh well i dont do much just use the ocean salt like 3 times a week also volcanic ash from MAC is great 

Anonymous: I'm coming to NY just to see you

you anon thooo you aint seeing me LOL

karamelcoke: you're a bad bitch, stay that way bby

HAHAH * im weakkkk* THANKS!

strikeswhereitdothlove: You are a beautiful creature. I honestly hope that as you matriculate in life you find someone and surround yourself with people who feed more than your aesthetic. I'm pretty sure you're way more than some dope selfies and I hope you never become a trophy. Continue to grow in the right direction. You will be great. Praying that your successes make you, not your failures. And keep on basking in your pulchritude. Your comfortability with self has and will inspire my brother. #namasteandshit

WOW this messages just made me so happy I really appreciate this and definitely I will, and I am way more than that Thanks again and ahve a great day!!