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Alexander Ferrario Photographed by Saverio Cardia and Styled by Simona Carippo for Essential Homme August\September 2014
Anonymous: what's your sexual orientation? just wondering.

Don’t matter.

Anonymous: Omg I saw you at your job I was so hype to see you I wanted a picture but I didnt want to get you in trouble

Heyyy omg no You should’ve I wouldn’t have got in trouble lol

Anonymous: How far have you gone sexually ?

Hmm interesting let’s hold off on that one. LOL

Anonymous: Are you in college, and if so then what for?

Si culinary I made my first dish in class you should go check it out on my ig / @omgreekgod or I’ll post it on here tmm

Anonymous: Favorite places to shop?

I shop all over honestly

Anonymous: Favorite cereal? Cause I know I'm craving some cinnamon toast crunch rn

I dead really eat cereal only when I’m starving but I like frosted flakes lol


8/28/14 - Kendall  Jenner + Hailey Baldwin hanging out in NYC.
Anonymous: What is your sexual orientation?

Blah I’m tired of answering this ask me something new

Anonymous: How is the single life?


it’s decent… lol I’m chillin pretty much just tryna stay focused


Aymeline Valade for S Moda, August 2014
Photographed by: Damon Baker